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Foodie F 27 February 2017

Tomorrow is the last day of Carnival. Isn’t it the perfect day for a cocktail? If you read Warsaw Foodie regularly, you know that Warsaw is rapidly changing in this area. Every month new cocktail bars are popping up and we keep informing you about them. These are accompanied by countless bartenders’ creative ideas. Today, we have picked for you the places we like the most.


Foodie 5 miejsc na koktajle

Pictures: Materiały koktajl barów


  1. Kita Koguta and Kiti Bar (ul. Krucza 6/14) – two places of the same owners. Kita Koguta is a classic Warsaw cocktail bar, everyone knows this place. It was one of the first ones and becomes one of the most popular ones. Kiti Bar is right next to it, but represents a completely different ambience. It is inspired by the tiki culture, and the local bartenders can go even as crazy as serving and Egg of the great grandrooster – meaning 3 liters of ponch based on rum, citrus, bitter herbal liqueur and red paste of guava, all served in the egg made of ice, with nitro-fog coming from under the egg. Recommended for groups of several people.
  1. Woda Ognista (ul. Wilcza 8) – a completely different idea for a cocktail bar is presented by Woda Ognista. The place is inspired by the combination of flavors golden age of cocktails and pre-war Warsaw. The winter menu features a range of cocktails referring to certain neighborhoods and areas of Warsaw. You can drink here, among others, Praga Zoo (vodka, Becherovka, lemon juice, syrup of pine shoots, soda grapefruit- rosemary) or Green Żoliborz (whiskey, tangerine shrub, lemon juice, ginger syrup, egg white, earl grey soda).
  1. The Roots (Plac Teatralny, ul. Wierzbowa 11) – is located at the Theatre Square and it serves cocktails referring to the Polish regions. In winter cocktails here are inspired by the Polish mountains. Góry Stołowe cocktail (cognac, walnut liqueur, walnut bitter, dogwood marmalade, lime, sugar syrup) is served here in a dish similar in shape to Góry Stołowe; a cocktail Uzdrowiska Górskie (tequila, grapefruit liqueur, Herbal Bitters, lemon, herbal mineral water) is served in a glass typical for mineral waters.
  1. Weles Bar (ul. Nowogrodzka 11) – is a hidden cocktail bar. It is not marked with any banner nor logo, you just have to know that the door at Nowogrodzka 11 leads to a mysterious Weles (Slavic god of magic). The menu features many bartending performances – from the classics, sometimes with a slight twist to the signature, completely unique compositions. You can drink here, among others, famous Pornstar Martini, Bacon Old Fashion, but also Niebezpiecznie groźny rabuś (cognac, red pepper, mandarin, lemon, the essence of black tea).
  1. Charlie (ul. Mokotowska 39) – differentiates itself through exclusivity. The place has the atmosphere of New York from 1930-1940 and can accommodate 120 people. You can sit here only at the tables, which means that you need to make reservations in advance. Charlie invites guests to play with the subconscious. They offer Subconcious Menu, where you select cocktail solely on the basis of its smell (you’ll get several flavors to choose from), you do not know the composition of cocktails or their presentation.

And what is your favorite cocktail bar?

  • Jessica Black

    Great list, I will definitely use it during my next visit in Warsaw, hopefully very soon:) I can also recommend one more place. It is not actually a cocktail bar, but it is for me one of the best bars in Warsaw, definitely worth visiting. It is called Bubbles and they specialize in champagnes and sparkling wines. I would never think that champagne would go so well with simple lunch!

  • Agata Ekker

    I can definitely agree with Jessica, Bubbles Bar is in fact a great place! I was in Warsaw few weeks ago and I decided to go there with my friends. We didn’t know many places in Warsaw, that is why we read some recommendations on-line. Bubbles has really great reviews and they are true. The atmosphere in this place is casual and very friendly, and everything they serve is truly delicious! For me it is now one of the musts while visiting Warsaw.