Lemon Shark

Franciszka Klimczaka 15/8a Warsaw
Phone: 22 254 54 99

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Lemon Shark – Sri Lankan cuisine in Wilanów

Foodie F 26 March 2017

New restaurant and bar Lemon Shark opened in January in Wilanów. The restaurants specializes in cuisine from exotic island, mainly from Sri Lanka. The lunch menu which is served weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 we will find among others Sri Lankan style chicken or spicy-sour fish curry. The a la carte menu  features Srilankan Dum Biryani (stewed chicken), or Batalu Mas Stew (stewed lamb with vegetables green chillies and coconut milk)  and classic Sri Lankan extras such as  dosa (crispy rice pancakes), or appam (pancake with egg). The alcohol offer includes new editions of classic cocktails, exotic wines and beer. 

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  • gieniusz

    Nie działa link na FB – jest źle wpisany

    • Foodie Z

      Rzeczywiście był drobny błąd ale poprawiliśmy niedługo po wpisaniu komentarza…

    • WarsawFoodie

      Dzięki za info. Poprawiliśmy zaraz po przeczytaniu komentarza.

      • gieniusz

        Do usług!

  • Maria LaBarge

    Love this restaurant owned by an internationally trained Chef and his wife. The food is always fresh and full of the exotic flavors prepared to perfection, but should you prefer some adjustments, Chef is more than willing to adjust to your individual taste. If you love the tastes of India, Thai and the Islands, this Sri Lankan restaurant is a MUST to visit.