Warszawski Smak – Słodki

Foodie Z 16 March 2017

Warszawski Smak Słodki culinary fair will take place on Sunday 19th Feb at Znajomi Znajomych premises in Wilcza street. As the main them is Sweet Taste you will be able to purchase (or to taste on the spot) among others pastries for allergics and diabetics, Thai ice cream, healthy sugarfree bars, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free cakes, ice cream made of coconut milk or rice milk, blocks of chocolate, halva… And those who want to deal with the sweetness in their kitchens – there will be jams, honeys, special kitchen rolls and other accessories for baking at home. The following exhibitors already confirmed their presence: Bangkok – lody tajskie, Lokal Dela Krem, Bistro JESZ, Il Mijo, Miody Kaliny, Wuzetka Studio, Jajemjaja, Słodki Bez, Clean Taste.


Źródło: Facebook / strona wydarzenia Słodki Warszawski Smak

WHERE: Sunday, 19th March, 12 pm – 6 pm

WHERE: Znajomi Znajomych, Wilcza 58a, Warsaw

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