Falafel Bejrut Świętokrzyska

ul. Świętokrzyska 23/33 City Center, Warsaw


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Falafel Bejrut opened a new venue in Świętokrzyska

Foodie R 6 August 2017

Falafel Bejrut, a popular Lebanes vegetarian bar, present for a year and a half in Nowolipki, opened a new venue in Świętokrzyska Street, at the corner of Marszałkowska Street. The menu, similar as in Nowolipki location features Lebanese dishes such as sandwiches with falafel, eggplant, vegan cheese with various extras such as turnip, mint, tomatoes, peppers, coriander. The menu also includes hummus and special sets with hummus and falafel.

Falafel Bejrut Świętokrzyska

sourxw: Falafel Bejrut press release