Kawka na ławkę

park ŻeromskiegoŻoliborz, Warszawa
Phone: 513 422 908

kawiarnia, lodziarnia

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Kawka na ławkę – micro cafe in Żoliborz

Foodie R 10 August 2017

Kawka na ławkę is a micro cafe opened recenly in Żeromski Park in Żoliborz, near the kids playground. The whole cafe has only 1,2 sqm and is located in small building called by locals a “guard booth shed”. The cafe was opened by the the owner of the cafe and coffee brand Cophi –   Uri Wollner. We can drink here coffee from small plantations selected by the owner. Similar as in his first cafe in Hoża we can order coffee with cow milk but also almond, walnut, cashew, oatmeal or rice milk. Kawka na ławkę is also an icream venue, ice creams are delivered by Melody. With coffee and ice cream in hand we can go for a walk in the park or take a sit on a park bench.

source: Kawka na ławkę Facebook