Peko Peko Japanese Cuisine

ul. Emilii Plater 13City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 504 595 283


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Peko Peko Japanese Cuisine

Foodie R 15 August 2017

Japanese cuisine is not just sushi and ramen. You will be able to check this out in new Japanese restaurant opened recently in Emilii Plater Street – Peko Peko (which means “I’m hungry” in Japanese). The owner of the restaurant, coming from Japan, presents Japanese dishes not widely known in Warsaw such as Kare Raisu (Japanese curry with chicken, pork and other extras). The menu features among others donburi dishes – rice with Japanese pork cutlet, minced meat cutlet or fried chicken. In Poka Poka we can also order gyoza dumplings, Japanese omlette tamagoyaki or soups – kare udon and miso-shiru.

Peko Peko kuchnia japońska

source: Peko Peko Facebook