PLONY / Countryside Fest

Mysia 3, Warszawa Śródmieście


23 September, 2017
More details:

PLONY / Countryside Fest – at Mysia 3 on Saturday Sept 23.

Foodie F 7 September 2017

USTA Magazine, Mysia 3 and Kotlina Natury are organizing an event called PLONY / Countryside Fest on the 23rd of September. It is an event celebrating rural life, products bought directly from farmers, handicrafts, and even art. Agenda of lectures and discussions  features a meeting with author Niklas Kampargard “Live as a farmer”; discussion “New Farmer, how to move to the countryside and survive” with Marcin Wiechowski from Kwaśne Jabłko, Anna Łuczywek from Mleczna Droga and Piotr Petryka (Krągliccy). Culinary workshops will be led by among others Trisno Hamid on “Egg in Asian Cuisine” or Joanna Jakubiuk on “Pierogi, pączki and zupa nic”. In addition to discussions and workshops in the exhibition area, you will see, among others Kwaśne Jabłko, Olejarnię Zagłoby, Żeby Kózka and many more. Warsaw Foodie is the media patron of PLONY / Countryside Fest.

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