ul. Radna 12City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 570 004 531

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Rabarbar – buddha bowls in Powiśle

Foodie R 8 September 2017

Rabarbar is a new cafe opened in Powiśle, Radna Street at the end of July. The cafe specializes in buddha bowls and smoothie bowls. We can start the day here with smoothie bowls served with homemade granola and fresh fruits. We can choose among others smoothie from banana, cocoa and almond milk or papaya, peach, mango, oranges and ginger. Later during the day we can order buddha bowls inspired by world cuisines such as Thai, Mexican, Arabic, Vietnamese and Polish. Each bowl can be served in vegan version, with meat or fish.

Rabarbar Powiśle Radna kawiarnia