Lily's Bistro

Lily’s Bistro

Lily’s Bistro is a new place in Tarchomin opened at the beggining of July. You can start the day here having breakfast, which is served from 9 am. In the breakfast menu, you will find porridge, eggs or English breakfast. Bread served in the bistro is baked on site. During a day you can order among others liver chicken in...
Souvlak City

Souvlak City

They started from the food truck called Souvlak Truck, which, during spring and summer can be found on Przyokopowa street. Few days ago they launched Souvlak City in the premises located in Białołęka. The menu features traditional Greek cuisine: Pita Souvlaki, sandwiches with pita bread filled with pieces of chicken, vegetables and sauce tzatziki, Pita Bifteki – with beef or...