Making Lollipops with Grandparents

Foodie R 19 January 2013

To celebrate the upcoming Grandparents Day Manufaktura Cukierkow (Candy Manufactory) invites children and their grandparents for  lollipops making workshops. There will be special shows led by pastry chefs  in Manufaktura location in Tamka Street and then you can make lollipop yourself. The event will take place on 19-22 January. This sounds as an interesting idea to spend the time together with grandparents.

Manufaktura Cukierków

source: Manufaktura Cukierków Facebook

Where: Manufaktura Cukierków, ul. Tamka 49

When: 19-22 January,  each full hour Saturday 11.00-17.00, Sunday 13.00-17.00, Mon & i Tues 16.00 i 17.00.

Cost: 10 zł