Yellow Cab

Marta Glinka 14 June 2013
Yellow Cab, new place inspired by American yellow cabs was opened a month ago in Zoliborz in Popiełuszki Street. It specializes in burgers, which are available with various extras in the meat version (beef) and vegetarian. In addition to burgers  you will find here nachos with interesting sauces (such as basil, dill herb-or cheese-chilli) and french fries. This is also a place for a beer or a drink. They offer a lot of  Polish regional beers such as Skalak, Ciechan, Pinta, Orkiszowe, Raciborski Pils, Złote Lwy, Smoky Joe, Rowling Jack. For drivers and drinkers of alcohol – drink Club Mate, Fritz-Kola, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies. There is a garden in front of the bar  where you can relax in deck chairs and in a hammock. Opening hours are adapted to night owls. If you are hungry during night, in Yellow Cab you can eat a burger even at 2 a.m.
Yellow Cab

source: Yellow Cab


Address: Ks. Popiełuszki 19/21, Warsaw
Opening hours: daily 17-2
Phone: 506 342 826
Webpage: Facebook
Cuisine: burgers, nachos, snacks
Average prices: 10-20 zł
Atmosphere: casual
District: Żoliborz

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