Krucza 41/43 Warsaw
Phone: 794 925 075

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OM NOM NOM Ramen & Luiza Trisno

Zbigniew Glinka 17 April 2017

OM NOM NOM has been reactivated. After more than two months since the closure of the restaurant, it was reopened under the same sign, but you will not be able to order sushito anymore anymore. Luiza Trisno (formerly among others at Ramen Girl) appeared as a chef and in the menu you will find her ramen: green (vegetarian), red (kimchi), silver (with chicken roasted in ginger and garlic), copper (with four kinds of mushrooms), golden (with pork – chashu bacon). You can also order duck or fish udon, maki sushi, gold maki, nigiri, salmon or tuna tartare, several types of nem. There is also a night menu – on Fridays and Saturdays between 10 pm and 3 am you can eat two types of ramen and udon. Krucza Street with UKI UKI and Omami, is slowly becoming a Ramen street.



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