Gobi Mongolian & Asian Restaurant

ul.Nowogrodzka 84/86City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 577-909-959


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Gobi – Mongolian restaurant in Nowogrodzka

Marta Glinka 17 December 2017

Gobi, a new restaurant serving Mongolian cuisine has been recently opened in Nowogrodzka nearby Radisson Blue Sobieski hotel. The menu features several Mongolian dishes such as traditional Mongolian plate, rich soups with meat, dumplings, vegetables or shrimps, Mongolian dumplings with beef, a board of grilled meat such as roasted pork rib, beef or shashlik from a shop. The restaurant offers also Korean dishes (eg barbecue grill, bulgagi, jeyuk bokkeum), Asian (teriyaki tenderloin) and European.

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