Bella Napoli – Świętokrzyska

ul. Świętokrzyska 14City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 22 657 13 61

pizzeria, restaurant

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Bella Napoli in Świętokrzyska street

Foodie Z 10 May 2018
Bella Napoli opened by the end of April in Świętokrzyska street at spacious two-level premises, which previously housed the Lokal 14 restaurant and then Inny Wymiar restaurants. This is already the sixth pizzeria of the Warsaw chain, created by Enzo Rossi, an Italian living in our city for more than fifteen years. At Świętokrzyska location – just like in other restaurants – you can eat pizzas (you can choose from over 30 kinds), pasta, risotto or ravioli. You can also order salads and other specialties of Italian cuisine such as bruschetta, focaccia, carpaccio, mussels in white wine, shrimps and calamari in batter or mussels in tomato sauce. Sweets lovers can be tempted by, among others, tiramisu, cannolo siciliano, lime ripieno or pizza nutella. From 9 am you can have there breakfast and lunch sets at noon.