5 best for bread

Joanna Mróz 12 September 2018

It looks like we have better and better bread in Warsaw. Although not too many traditional bakeries have survived, some new places offer very limited editions of bread, but they do care about its very high quality. Below are our places for bread.

5 best for bread  

Aromat – the first location operates at Sienna, and the second at Koszyki, in addition, Aromat cooperates with restaurants and cafes. It combines “a French bakery tradition with a modern vision of a Warsaw bakery and confectionery”. And they do it very well!

Cała w Mące – Monika Walecka, who sells her bread on Wednesdays in Forteca, is known to a wider audience for a long time from her blogs, as well as her Instagram profile. In San Francisco she worked and interned at the best in the bread industry. Now, she bakes limited quantities of bread in Warsaw. They disappear quickly!

Piekarnie Piwoński – the oldest bakery in our list, as it operates over 60 years in Łomianki. The bread is baked here in the pre-war ceramic bread oven. They have recently opened another bread store at Jana Pawła II Street. The bread here is based on Old Polish traditional recipes, and the sourdough is several dozen years old.

SAM – the first SAM in Powiśle was established over 6 years ago, since then the place has been famous and has developed into new locations – SAM City and SAM Żoliborz. The bread here was very popular from the very beginning. Although there are new places offering bread, its popularity seems not to diminish.

Supperlardo – the owner of Mąka i Woda started working on this place, and thus on the recipes for bread, over two years ago. Supperlardo was opened before these holidays. In the lunch version it focuses mainly on homemade bread and charcuterie. Breads can also be bought to take away. And it is great.

These are our bread favorites, what about yours?


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