Restauracja Warszawska w Hotelu Warszawa

Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 470 03 00


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Warszawska Restaurant – Chef Dariusz Barański at Hotel Warszawa

Joanna Mróz 6 November 2018

Hotel Warszawa in the famous historic Prudential building, renovated for several years at Plac Powstańców Warszawy was opened on Monday. It is a five-star hotel belonging to Likus Hotels and Restaurants group. The hotel will ultimately have two restaurants, but the first restaurant one, opened now is called Warszawska and is located at level -1 of the hotel. The head chef of Warszawska Restaurant and Executive Chef of the whole hotel is Dariusz Barański, associated with the Likus Group for years, until recently the chef of the Concept 13 Restaurant. The cuisine here is a product cuisine with a strong emphasis on a locally Polish high quality produce. The chef calls his food “legible food for people”. The restaurant has 100 seats, its decor is based on original historic foundations that were dug up during renovation work.

The place is open from early morning (7:00) and serves breakfast in the first part of the day. Interestingly, there will be no classic hotel buffet, and guests will get a wooden board with 7-9 positions. It will contain cheeses, homemade meats, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, homemade pickles, jam and sweet or savory curd, as well as home-made hop lemonade, kvass and fresh fruit juice. In addition, there will be 4-5 hot courses available, such as fried bacon with eggs, porridge from 26 grains, or homemade white sausage with mustard.

The restaurant has its own place for ripening meats, so you can find on the menu home-made cured meats, such as bacon, lard, pork tag, long-maturing salami-type sausages. Interestingly, smoked meats are prepared from Puławska and Mangalica pigs bred specifically for the needs of Warszawska Restaurant on a farm located 100 km away from Warsaw.

For lunch (start at 12:00), starting next week, there will be a shortened menu and a special day meal. Barański will use the grill with an open fire in this case. He will serve, for example, a portion of a grilled lamb’s leg. There will be simple extras such as fries, potatoes or carrot salad with sea-buckthorn to go with the main course.

The main a la carte menu of Warszawska Restaurant includes snacks (like chicken crisps, white beans with herbs and lemon, selection of cured meats), plates – dishes to be shared (including pork rilette, marinated eel with mint, mushroom pate, spicy dumplings, pork schnitzel with tatar sauce), additives (including sweet-sour green cucumbers, roasted leek with butter sauce, fennel with pear and lardo), as well as desserts (including a Napoleonka with butter cream and quince, donuts with cumin cream, homemade milk ice cream with currant jam and salt). The restaurant will not have a tasting menu, unless a clear order of guests. The whole menu can be found in our photo gallery.

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