Pierogi & More cooking class

Pierogi & More – dumplings cooking classes in Warsaw

Marta Glinka 13 March 2019

Pierogi & More are pierogi cooking classes organized since January in restaurant Przystawki in Muranów. Pierogi is national Polish dish – dumplings with different fillings. The workshops are conducted in Polish or English. Classes last two hours participants learn the whole process of pierogi making including making the dough, preparing the filling. During the classes, you will learn how to make 6 different types of pierogi. The workshop can be booked for an individual (PLN 150 / person) or for a group (discounts apply). Groups are small, up to 6 people. After the workshop, you can eat your dumplings on the spot  or take them home with you.

Where: Przystawki ul. Stawki 3

Book via www: Pierogi & More

Book via phone: + 48 534 553 336

photo source: restaurant materials


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