Bao Bar

Bao Bar Bistro

ul. Zwycięzców 13Praga Południe, Warszawa
Phone: 576 940 698

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Bao Bar Bistro – new Asian place at Saska Kępa

Marta Glinka 15 May 2019

A new place with an Asian cuisine Bao Bar Bistro has recently opened in Saska Kępa at Zwycięzców street. For a starter we can order, among others soup of the day, a spicy crab salad, a cauliflower salad or a Thai cucumber salad. The restaurant specializes in bao and bao burgers with various  extras. We will eat here among others bao with chicken, bacon, duck, prawns, salmon or asparagus acommpanied by exotic extras as well as bao burgers with jerky beef and oyster mushrooms. We will also order here fries made from potatoes and sweet potatoes here.

Bao Bar

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