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Marta Glinka 14 May 2019

More and more Poles go to restaurants, and new gastronomic concepts pop up like mushrooms. We are eager to get to know new places and look for new taste experiences. Now, discovering new flavors does not have to be so money consuming.

Thanks to Finebite application, we can now eat in restaurants for 50% of the price during off-peak hours. The discount applies to the entire restaurant menu, excluding beverages. Application can be also used for booking dinner with wine, culinary workshops or commented dinners.

The most interesting restaurants (300 actually) in Tri-City, Warsaw, Poznań, Kraków and Wrocław take part in the project but the app owners plan to add more cities and restaurants soon. In Warsaw with the help of Finebite you can get acquainted with new flavors and enjoy the cuisine of many well-known chefs in over 100 restaurants such as Winosfera, Signature Restaurant, La Brasserie Moderne, Eden Bistro, Chianti, Zorza, Taverna Patris, Santorini, Schabowy, Reginabar, Raj w Niebie, Leonardo Verde.

Finebite can be used for booking tables in restaurants, but it is also a marketing tool for restaurateurs who – with the help of special surveys – can get to know their guests better and constantly work on the offer to match their guests’ needs.

Download the Finebite application to discover new flavors and restaurants with attractive discounts!

The partner of the article is Finebite . Source of photos: press materials.

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