Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 470 03 00


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Szóstka – on the 6. floor of Hotel Warszawa

Joanna Mróz 7 May 2019

The long-awaited second restaurant (after Warszawska) of Hotel Warszawa has just opened. Szóstka is located on the sixth floor of the hotel located at the historic Prudential building. The place has a beautiful view of the area around Plac Powstancow. The place still operates under ‘soft opening’ formula. The menu will be changed regularly. Dariusz Barański is head chef here – as he is Executive Chef of the whole Hotel Warszawa. From his open kitchen, he serves dishes based on vegetables and beef (the menu of Warszawska Restaurant focuses mainly on pork).

Szóstka dishes are seasonal, based on products from trusted suppliers – vegetables come from, among others, Forteca and the Majlert Farm. In the first, short menu you will find 4 starters (including Fried Potatoes with Black Garlic (PLN 21), Young Carrots with Homemade Ricotta and Butter (PLN 37), Beef Tartare in a Taco with Beetroot Leaf (PLN 42)), 5 main courses (including White Asparagus in Brick Pastry with Walnuts and Mustard (PLN 37), Young Potatoes with Pike roe and Sorrel (PLN 41), Beef Rribs with Black Garlic (PLN 85)), 2 desserts (White Asparagus with Sunflower Seeds (PLN 33), Sorrel with Mint (PLN 32). The vegetable tasting menu costs PLN 180, meat and vegetables tasting menu is PLN 230.