Reina Steak & Seafood

ul. Jasna 10Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 792 031 879


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Reina Steak & Seafood – new restaurant at Jasna street

Marta Glinka 18 October 2021

Reina Steak & Seafood is a new restaurant  opened at the end of September at Jasna Street. It is a new venue by the owners of the Turkish restaurant Maho, which has been operating for many years in Aleja Krakowska, as well as Pera Steak House and Seafood. Reina specializes in steaks from Josper grill as well as fish and seafood. The menu includes several types of steaks, including entrecote, rib-eye, porterhouse or filet mignon. For fish and seafood lovers there is a grilled octopus, tuna steak, roasted sea bream, crawfish tail, crab legs or mussels a’la marinara. We can also eat here hot and cold starters, pasta, burgers, salads and lamb dishes.

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