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Chicago Pizzza – original deep dish pizza with pulling chees

Marta Glinka 26 January 2023

Chicago Pizzza has been operating in Warsaw since December. This is a  pizza prepared according to the original recipe from the chef of one of the Chicago’s restaurants.  Chicago pizzza is so-called deep dish pizza.  This pizza differs from the standard Italian pizza, because it resembles a tart with high edges. A thick cake baked in a deep dish is stuffed with various extras – cheese, meat, vegetables and tomato sauce. Chicago Pizza weighs as much as 1.5 kilograms, and its most important ingredient is mozzarella – one pizza contains a minimum of 0.5 kilograms. Thanks to that this pizza can be treated as a lunch or dinner for at least 4 people. For fans of classic pizza, the menu also includes Dumbo Pizzza – Brooklyn pizza on aged dough.

Among the original ideas of toppings we can find duck cooked for 6 hours, sirloin with pancetta, salmon, BBQ veal with cheddar, chicken in a creamy sauce with boletus, or veal with spicy sriracha sauce and marinated jalapeño. Vegetarians can order here margherita, 4 cheese pizza, pizza with vegetables and porcini mushrooms, as well as Beyond Meat pizza, i.e. with vegetable “meat”.

The owners care about the selection of ingredients for the pizza – tomato sauce is made from selected Italian pelati tomatoes, beef is filet mignon (from the best, middle part of beef tenderloin), and corn flour is used to make the dough.

Currently, the company operates only in delivery mode, you can also order pizza and pick it up at Krochmalna Street. Delivery in Warsaw for orders over PLN 130 is free. Orders can be placed by phone: +48 799 373 352 or on the website:

The partner of the article is Chicago Pizzza. Photo source: Chicago Pizzza press materials.


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