Warsaw Foodie is a your guide to dining out in Warsaw. If you want to be up to date with new openings, culinary events and popular places in Warsaw, stay tuned, this is a place for you.


Foodie R –  Restaurantica  

Author of  Restaurantica.pl, blog about restaurants  and culinary travels around the world. Foodie, who eats in Warsaw restaurants and  since 2007 also shares her experiences and pictures on the blog. She writes about places worth visiting and warns where there is no sense to go. She cooks occasionally, usually inspired by exotic journeys, she loves. She prefers to eat, what others cook. Fortunately they often cook good.

Foodie F –  Fro 

The author of Froblog.pl, a blog focused on the pleasant side of life – good food, good wine, cinema, theater and good music. Fro doesn’t cook, she came out of her kitchen when her cooking skills stopped to follow her taste. That is why she usually visits several restaurants a week. Majority of them are then described and pictured on her blog. In food, she particularly enjoys surprising combinations of products, but also appreciates the divine simplicity of Italian cuisine.


Do you plan to visit Kraków? 

Let’s check our new site Krakow Foodie – website on eating out in Kraków run by girls from Jedling.

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