Łuski i ości

Foodie F 12 April 2015

Among the many sushi bars popping up in Warsaw, a new on in Zoliborz decided to distinguish themselves with the name and interior design. Łuski i ości was recently established at Zajączka St. The place has a mission to teach eating sushi in a proper way. At the menu and on walls you can see many instructions such as “move only the upper chopstick”, “in soy sauce dip the fish only”, “eat sushi at one bite,” etc. The menu – beyond the standard sushi offer – includes also the main courses like Shark steak and African catfish with crab salad.

Łuski i ości (640x426)

Picture: Łuski i ości fanpage


Address: ul. Józefa Zajączka 9a, Warszawa

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12:00 – 22:00

Telephone: 22 4157575

Website: Facebook

Style of cuisine: sushi, japanese

Average prices: main course 40-50PLN

Atmosphere: casual

Location / District: Zoliborz