Patelnia Patera

ul. Wilcza 29aŚródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 797 300 984


More details:

Patelnia Patera – new restaurant specialized in Polish cuisine

Marta Glinka 14 June 2021

Patelnia Patera, a new restaurant specializing in Polish cuisine, opened at the end of May in Wilcza, in the former venue of Wilczy Głód. We will eat here, among others a platter of Polish cheeses and cold cuts, a pan full of fried cheeses and oyster mushrooms, herring tartare, oyster mushroom tripe or smoked jelly. The appetizers section also includes chałkini – made of home-baked challah with various extras. For the main course, we can order dumplings with beef, pork chop (schabowy), breaded celery steaks or confit duck leg.

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