Kuchnia PoWolność

ul. Kanałowa 15 Poznań
Phone: 668 382 395

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Kuchnia PoWolność – slow, free and 99% vegan

Foodie F 11 January 2018

Kuchnia PoWolność is a place focused on slow life and freedom (of choices). The owners chose freedom by giving up corporate work. Kuchnia PoWolność is a place for meetings, for workshops and team games. The cuisine here is 99% vegan, 1% of non-vegan food here is cheesecake. The menu includes, for example, beetroot burgers, rice dumplings with a surprise or chilli sin carne with waffles. The goal is to cook vegan, but at the same time filling, attractive and tasty enough to attract people who eat meat. You can drink here beer (from the local Wielkopolska brewery Browar Czarnkow) and house wines.

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