Blue Cactus

ul. Zajączkowska 11Mokotow, Warsaw
Phone: 22 851 23 23

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Blue Cactus restaurant closed after 22 years

Foodie Z 5 July 2018

The Blue Cactus restaurant by the Morskie Oko Park closed at the end of June after over two decades of uninterrupted operation. We emphasize that in the Warsaw gastronomy – compared to the large number of premises closing after a few or several months from the opening – 22 years of operation, it is a real eternity and a result similar to marathoners. The restaurant was founded by expats from the United States, Marc Bushala and John Gabrovic who were also successful in other fashionable restaurants & clubs openings, including Ground Zero, Boathouse or Atomic World bowling centers. In the second half of the 90s, Blue Cactus introduced inhabitants of Warsaw to the then exotic Tex Mex cuisine and strawberry margarita has become a popular drink among the corporation’s employees visiting the place and restaurant hallmark. For over a dozen years – until 2011 – the chef was Ryszard Majewski, who also ran cooking workshops at the restaurant, one of the first in Warsaw.

On the restaurant profile in social media it was declared that the activity of Blue Cactus will continue in some other location. According to unofficial information, the plot on which the restaurant building stands will be used for housing construction.