Mamma Marietta relaunched soon!

Joanna Mróz 10 November 2019

This could be the biggest news of the season! Recently, we informed you about the closure of Amuni at Górlnośląska St. and the closure of Mamma Marietta at Wołoska a few months earlier. The face of both places is chef Andrea Scarantino. Now we have good news for a change! Mamma Marietta comes back relaunched and opens in a week, on November 16. in the premises of Amuni at 24 Górnośląska St. The place is known for excellent Italian cuisine and pizza. Right now, renovation works are in progress, the neon signs with the old name are still hanging, but everything is to be ready in a week and the new Mamma Marietta will open to guests on Saturday next week. We keep our fingers crossed!

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