Gryze i Polykam

Marta Glinka 21 October 2012

A new bar called Gryze i połykam (means I bite and swallow) opened a week ago on Jasna Street. They have a big range of sandwiches presented on the bar with various pastes such as egg pasta or herring tartare. There are also cakes and coffee  variations (including drip), Fritz, and lemonade available. Gryze i Polykam is supposed to be shot bistro in future with sandwiches as an extra to the drinks served, but so far the owners are still waiting for the alcohol license.

Gryzę i połykam shot bistro


Address: ul. Jasna 10

Phone:  22 826 71 85

Opening Hours: weekdays from 7.30, Saturday from 11.00, on Sunday closed

Webpage: Facebook

Cuisine: Snacks

Average prices:  Sandwiches with pastas  (2,5 zł per pcs)

Atmosphere: casual

District: City Center

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