Good Food Market in Forteca

Marta Glinka 13 February 2013

Forteca situated in Zakroczymska Street, close to Old Town, invites everybody who is interested in good quality of food to The Good Food Market. Market is organised  very Wednesday, in  summer in the open air and in the winter under the roof od the historic Fort Legionów. You can buy there vegetables, honey, fish, meat, eggs and dairy products from local producers. In the market  you can find vegetables and honey from eco certified farm, pickles, products from animals kept in the welfare and fed without any chemicals, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cold cuts from Raciborów farm, fish from Mr. Sandacz,  goat cheese by Kozi Dymek, ravioli from Chianti restaurant and more.

Targ w Fortecy

source: Forteca Facebook

Where: Forteca, ul. Zakroczymska 12, Warsaw

When: Every Wednesday, 10:00-17:00

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