New Chianti

Joanna Mróz 16 October 2013

Chianti, well known Italian restaurant owned by Kręglicki Family on Foksal, was completely renovated in the summer this year. It opened for relaunch three weeks ago. In the interior you will see a lot of wood and bricks. Round, soft sofas, illuminated blinds, wooden beams under the ceiling. Exposed ovens, where foccacias come from, are also new elements. Italian Chef Samuele Mariani has made ​​changes to the menu. You’ll have here, among others, lamb carpaccio, seafood salad, Bistecca fiorentina, as well as seasonal dishes with wild mushrooms.


WHERE: Chianti, ul. Foksal 17, Warszawa

TELEPHONE: 22 828 02 22

WEBSITE: Facebook Fanpage

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