Fusion Cafe

Marta Glinka 3 May 2014

Fusion Cafe is a new cafe opened in late March in Stara Papiernia in Konstancin Jeziorna. In the morning you can have a breakfast there (sandwiches, scrambled eggs and granola to choose from), during the day you can order coffee, eat something sweet (homemade pastries such as tart with strawberries,  grenade, mascarpone and white chocolate or apple pie), savoury (tart with salmon and spinach) or sandwiches with different extras (eg salmon or prosciutto), served in various breads including bagels.

Fusion Cafe

source: Fusion Cafe Facebook


Address: Al.Wojska Polskiego 3, Konstancin Jeziorna

Phone: 512 084 770

Webpage: Facebook

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Cuisine: sandwiches, tarts, cakes

Atmosphere: casual 

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