Kawiarnia Hugonówka

Marta Glinka 26 May 2014
A few days ago new cafe Kawiarnia Hugonówka was opened in a historic villa in Konstancin Jeziorna, in Park Zdrojowy. The menu of the new place features sandwiches, salads and cakes. After a walk in the park you can also enjoy a cold drink, coffee, tea or fruit smoothie. The cafe also contains a small bookstore with cookery and children books. This is a dog friendly place.
Kawiarnia Hugonówka

source: Kawiarnia Hugonówka Facebook


Address: ul. Mostowa 15, Konstancin Jeziorna

Phone: 666 975 999

Webpage: Facebook

Opening hours:  daily 9:00 -22:00

Cusisine: snacks, cakes

Atmosphere: casual

District:  Konstancin Jeziorna

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