Marta Glinka 6 July 2014

UrsynLove is a new Sunday picnic which is held every Sunday during summer in Sadek Natoliński, Małcużyńskiego Street in Ursynów. It is a culinary and cultural event on the grass, where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch, do some shopping or  dance zumba. Among the  food  offered  you will find Kobieta za Ladą, LafLaf, I Love Hummus, Curry Godne, Chyży Wół, Lody od Włocha Spumoni and many more.




Where: Sadek Natoliński, ul. Małcużyńskiego (near Natolin Metro station) 

When:6 th July (Sunday) from 10:00 till  17:00 and every summer Sunday

Webpage: Facebook

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