Greek week of Olive Oil Festival at Oliva

Foodie F 6 October 2014

In the last week of Olive Oil Festival at Oliva, cuisine and olive oil from Greece will be presented. Since two weeks OLIVA offers a different menu based on olive oil to from one of the Mediterranean countries. In the Greek week, as part of the menu recommended by the Warsaw Foodie, you can taste at Oliva: Cream of peppers with olives and feta cheese toast (16 zł), Salad with grilled halloumi cheese (26 zł), Moussaka with eggplant and potatoes (22zł) Rack of lamb with roasted tomatoes in rosemary (69zł), and for dessert, Halva ice cream (16zł). Served bread will be accompanied by following olive oil: from the Peloponnese (Kalamata olives) and Crete (Koroneiki olives). The recipe of the most frequently ordered dish during the festival will be published at November edition of the Oliva newsletter.

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OLIVA: Halva Ice Cream | Picture: OLIVA Assets

WHEN: Oct 6 – Oct 12

WHERE: Oliva Restaurant, ul. Ordynacka 10/12, Warsaw

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