Targ Rybny (Fish Market)

Zbigniew Glinka 13 November 2015

Targ Rybny (Fish Market) launches on Friday, November 13 at plac Powstańców Warszawy. Then, every Friday from noon till evening it will tempt lovers of fresh fish and seafood. The organizers declare that you will be able to buy there, among others, fresh trout, sturgeon, sea bream, swordfish, monkfish, tuna, halibut or merlin. In addition to fresh fish, there will be also smoked and pickled, both salty and freshwater … You will be able to purchase seafood, including various cephalopods and crustaceans as well as processed fish such as pate of trout. The founder of the Fish Market is Krzysztof Cybruch, the originator of Targ Śniadaniowy (Breakfast Market).


Źródło: Targ Rybny, materiały prasowe

WHERE: plac Powstańców Warszawy, Warsaw

WHEN: on Fridays, 12 pm – 8 pm, inauguration on Nov 13th 2015

WEB PAGE: Facebook

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