Marta Glinka 23 February 2016

An interesting initiative in learning English is operating since one year in Praga Północ. Językodajnia is school combining language learning with food. It is about creating a comfortable, safe and positive learning atmosphere, which helps breaking down the barriers in speaking a foreign language. In class, participants will be able to enjoy traditional dishes from one of 58 countries where English is the official language. Among others, Melania Kozyra, Agnieszka Dlugosz and Maciej Jesionowski will prepare food. Students will taste dishes from among others South Africa and Australia and they learn a lot of new vocabulary at the same time.

Językodajnia_degustacja (640x427)

Picture: Językodajnia Press Kit


Address: Panieńska 9, Warszawa

Telephone: 608 379 080

Website: www.jezykodajnia.pl

Style of cuisine: different

Atmosphere: casual

Location / District: Praga Północ

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