Serso Praskie Bajgle

Serso Praskie Bajgle

ul. Józefa Szanajcy 16Praga Północ, Warszawa

kawiarnia, piekarnia

More details:

Serso Praskie Bajgle – new bagel shop in Praga district

Marta Glinka 2 October 2020

Serso Praskie Bajgle – a shop and a bagel cafe have been recently opened in Praga, on Szanajcy Street. We can buy bagels to take home here, but also eat a sandwich with a bagel and various extras and drink coffee on site. The menu includes a bagel with smoked wild salmon and cream cheese, with egg paste, with mackerel paste, with an omelette and crispy bacon, with vegan lentil pate or organic cottage cheese with cherry jam.

Serso Praskie Bajgle

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