Launch of the new cocktail menu at Zorza

Foodie F 15 December 2016

A new winter cocktails menu starts tomorrow in Zorza at Żurawia St. You can taste here the winter flavors and composition, among others based on pear vodka, citrus fruits and typical for this time of year herbs. At the menu, among others Aura Tajemnicy (sour on gin with flavors of chocolate, thyme and citrus) and Śnieżny Sad (creamy cocktail with pear vodka and walnut-almond orgeat). A complete novelty  – at Zorza and in Warsaw – are cocktails called “banieczki” – similar to Spanish tapas in the idea of sharing. 4 cocktail shots to share cost about 20PLN. You can choose from Słońce Meksyku (tequila, orange and smoked paprika), Ognisko w Lesie (Mezal, deep, spicy aromas balanced by tropical note) and Deserowe Delicje (whiskey and sherry on the background of ripe apples and nuts).

Zorza koktajle (600x307)

WHERE: Zorza, Żurawia 6/12, Warszawa

WHEN: premiere at Thu Dec 15. 2016

WEBSITE: Facebook Event