Foodie F 25 January 2017

Steakownia new place dedicated to beef, was opened a few days ago in two Warsaw locations. The first one was launched at Krucza (next to Uki Uki), the second one at Piękna (after Mercato). Steakownia offers beef to take away and eat on site. Guests approach the counter to choose a steak, which then is grilled by the kitchen. The menu features, among others, T-bone, rib-eye, picania, rosbef, hanger, and even less known pajączek (thin, marbled meat from the hind leg). Polish Angus beef and two other races from Warmia are seasoned approx. 6 weeks. Besides steaks you can eat here 4 kinds of burgers and tartare. Steakownia already has locations in Biskupiec and Olsztyn.


Pictures: Steakownia fanpage


Address: Piękna 15 and Krucza 23/31, Warszawa

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11:30 – 20:00

Telephone: 517 622 712

Website:, Facebook

Style of cuisine: meat

Atmosphere: casual

Location / District: City Center