The Roots: winter menu inspired by Polish mountains

Joanna Mróz 24 January 2017

The Roots – the best cocktail bar in Warsaw according to Best of Warsaw 2016 by Warsaw Insider magazine – offers signature seasonal cocktails inspired by Polish regions. For the winter the team of The Roots bartenders (including with Tomasz Małek – six times Flair World Champion Bartender) has developed a special cocktails menu, referring to the most beautiful places of the Polish mountains. The new menu features, among others, cocktail Góry Stołowe (Hennessy, walnut liqueur, Bitters walnut, dogwood marmalade, lime, sugar syrup), which is served in a dish symbolizing plate set up of these mountains. Cocktail Uzdrowiska Górskie (El Jimador Blanco, Cordial grapefruit, herbal Bitters, lemon, herbal mineral water) is served in a glass for mineral waters. Cocktail Pieniny (Martini Asti, vanilla syrup, sea buckthorn syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, plum brandy) reminds of the mountains’ top covered with snow-white fluff.

The Roots Zima

Picture: The Roots Assets

WHERE: The Roots, Teatralny Squere, ul. Wierzbowa 9/11, Warszawa

WEBSITE: Facebook


The article was created in cooperation with Dom Wódki Group.


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