Bystro Hot Dog & Burger

ul. Polna 13City Center, Warszawa
Phone: 573 090 996

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Bystro Hot Dog & Burger

Zbigniew Glinka 29 March 2017

Bystro Hot Dog & Burger appeared in March at Polna street in front of the Polna bazaar in a trailer where another burger bar used to operate. New bar has been launched by the team from Warsaw Hot Dog & Burger bar closed in Nowogrodzka several weeks ago. In Bystro we can enjoy hot dogs (eg Chili Con Carne with sausage, beef chilli and cheese or BBQ with sausage, caramelized onion and bacon) and burgers (Chorizo with seasoned beef, grilled bacon, Chorizo and jalapeno or fire starter with beef, habanero, jalapeno, chilli, tobasco and Mimolette cheese) offered in boxes along with chips. Vegetarians can order Falafel Burger.