Fresh Burrito

Szadkowskiego 2A Bemowo, Warsaw
Phone: 731 709 718

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Fresh Burrito

Zbigniew Glinka 25 April 2017

Fresh Burrito opened in the second half of February in Bemowo on Szadkowskiego street. It is a small place with tex-mex dishes and late night delivery. You can eat here – referring to its name – burritos (with chicken, chili con carne, fajita or pulled beef & cheese). Larger portions of burritos are in the form of main dishes. The menu also features 30 cm quesadillas (eg with cheese and vegetables, cheese and chicken), chili con carne and nachos. You may also order additional salsa (eg habanero, jalapeno, chili or aioli) or various side dishes (eg guacamole, marinated jalapeno, pico de gallo salad).



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