Le Cedre Lounge

Grzybowska 5A Warsaw
Phone: 22 299 72 99

More details:

Le Cedre Lounge in Grzybowska street

Zbigniew Glinka 5 April 2017

Le Cedre Lounge opened in March in Grzybowska street in the premises that housed previously Japanese Bonsai Restaurant. It is another place of Le Cedre owners, whose first restaurant of this name has already been operating for twenty years in Aleja Solidarności in Praga. Le Cedre Lounge is a Lebanese-style restaurant and bar where you can drink wine (there are over 20 different Lebanese labels available), cocktails and drinks. The menu is dominated mainly by appetizers – different types of hummus, seafood prepared in different ways, salads. For more hungry, grilled dishes (eg. kohlra ghanam – minced lamb skewers), vegetarian dishes (eg. spinach braised with feta cheese) and seafood (eg. octopus braised in lemon sauce).

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