Big Chlebowski

Kopernika 25City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 519 839 050

bakery, cafe

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Big Chlebowski – breads & sandwiches in Kopernika street

Zbigniew Glinka 17 May 2017

Big Chlebowski opened at the end of April in Kopernika street in the pre-war building with the entrance from the side of the small green square. According to its name (chleb means bread in Polish) – the new place specializes in breads, rolls and sandwiches. You can order sandwiches made with rye bread or wheat rolls eg. White Russian (pastrami, cheddar, sauerkraut, pickled cucumber, russian sauce, mustard dijon), Pulled Pork (pulled pork, cream cheese, cornsalad, barbecue sauce), Caprese (mozzarella, dried tomatoes pesto, parmesan cheese, tomatoes) and sweet Sky in the mouth (cranberries rye bread with nutella, mascarpone, bananas). There is a large selection of sourdough breads and they have also baguettes, rolls, buns. It is probably one of the cheapest places for coffee – espresso costs only 3 PLN and latte – 6 PLN. You may opt also for desserts for up to 8 PLN – including tiramisu, muffins, chia pudding. 

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