Gastro Targ na Chmielnej

ul. Chmielna 21 City Center


20 - 21 May, 2017
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Gastro Targ in Chmielna

Marta Glinka 20 May 2017

Gastro Targ, new open-air food market offering food from different Warsaw restaurants opens today in Chmielna Street in the courtyard of the Jabłkowski Brothers’ House. During the opening weekend you will be able to taste various cuisines, among others Georgian (Chinkali), Mexican (Yeye Mex Food & Music Bar), Indonesian (Warung Jakarta), Hungarian (La Bor), Israeli (Tel Aviv Urban Food). Among exhibitors we  will also find Słony or Superiore.  The food will be served late at night closing at 1 am on Friday and Saturday. Gastro Targ will be held every weekend from Friday to Sunday until the end of September.

gastro targ warszawa


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