Leonardo Verde

Poznańska 13City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 530 880 990

pizzeria, restaurant

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Leonardo Verde – Vegan & Italian Cuisine in Poznańska Street

Zbigniew Glinka 22 June 2017

Leonardo Verde is a restaurant with Italian & vegan cuisine. It opened in June in Poznańska street by the owners of the nearby pizzeria, Vegan Pizza which has just been closed. You can start your day in Leonardo Verde with breakfast eg. with gluten free frittata (chickpeas omelette) or muffuletta (sandwich stuffed with smoked tempeh, grilled vegetables, vegan cheese, lettuce). You can order salad there (eg with spinach leaves with pear stewed in white wine) and as a starter uou may opt for a plate of vegan cold cuts or vegan cheeses, and arancini – crispy rice balls filled with mushrooms, olives and cashews mozzarella. The menu features also more than twenty kinds of pizza (eg vegetable version of four cheeses pizza), ten types of pasta (eg. vegan carbonara) and several main courses like lasagna, green risotto with spinach, peas and herbs, caponata (eggplant dish) or bistecca con patate (oyster mushrooms and corn steak with mashed potato).

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