RestoBar Ogień

Pogorzany 221 Pogorzany k/Szczyrzyca
Phone: 660 424 697


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RestoBar Ogień – product, fire, outdoor and Beskids

Foodie F 8 June 2017

RestoBar Ogień is an initiative of the owners of Koziarnia Agrotourism Farm – Jakub, Jadwiga and Marcin Lorek and Aleksander Baron, Pavel Portoyan, Rafał Bernatowitcz, Bartosz Wilczyński i Przemek Błaszczyk. From May to October, on Saturdays and Sundays, chefs prepare food outdoors using the best local produce, fire, smoke, salt and water. The goal is to remind everyone that with simple ingredients from the surrounding forests, meadows and farms you can prepare very good dishes. Everything takes place in front of guests. Chefs are changing each week. You can eat here among others: trout with smoked honey, sumach and rhubarb mayonnaise, roast mutton stuffed with garlic and pearl barley, soup on roasted vegetables and roasted bones, or cold soups chilled in a brook.

Picture: RestoBar Ogień Fanpage