Silk & Spicy Francuska 49

ul. Francuska 49Praga Południe,Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 660 447 941


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Silk & Spicy Francuska 49

Marta Glinka 26 July 2017

LatesSilk & Spicy restaurant has just opened in Saska Kępa, in trendy Francuska Street facing rondo Waszyngtona. This is a second restaurant under the same brand, the first one has been operating for amost five years in Żurawia Street. The new restaurant similar to the first one specializes in Thai and sushi cuisine. The menu features among others sushi created by sushi master Tomasz Godlewski and Thai dishes such as spring rolls, Tom Kha Gai soup, exotic papaya salad, various curries, duck in bbq sauce. New restaurant is family friendly offering a special  kids menu. They have also a special street food window offering a take away thai food.

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