Max Premium Burgers

Galeria Dominikańska, pl. Dominikański 3 Wrocław


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Max Premium Burgers – Swedish burgers launched in Poland!

Marta Glinka 1 September 2017

Max Premium Burgers,  a popular Swedish burger chain  has just entered the Polish market. The first venue opened  in Galeria Dominikańska in Wrocław on 1st September, the next two will open later this year in Warsaw and Gdańsk. The chain plans fast expantion, opening 200 venues within next 10 years. Max Premium Burgers is a family business with long history, burgers served by Max can be ordered already for 50 years. The Polish menu of the restaurant  is similar to the Swedish one, but there are some little changes and extras adopted to the Polish needs. The menu features meat burgers (made of beef and chicken only from Polish producers) as well as 4 different burgers for vegans and vegetarians (such as with halloumi or Mexican with beans). Interesting dishes in the menu could be burgers without buns served in salad (two option with beef or grilled chicken), jalapeno cheese balls or fries with cheese sauce. Burgers in Max are prepared right before serving. Every burger can be additionally personalised by changing or adding individual ingredients. We can also choose between 4 different buns including glutenfree one. The menu of also includes premium shakes in 4 different flavors. There is also a special kids menu with mini versions of burgers (including vege one) and sets with toys (now, similar as in Sweden, there are different toys with Muminki visuals). Minimalistic interiors of the restaurants were designed by famous Swedish architects Wingårds. Scandinavian interios include functional elements such as phone or laptop charging sockets located at the tables.

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